WordPress JSON

WordPressJSON is a WordPress plugin I wrote as the core technology for TainoApp. While I was researching for ways of getting access to WordPress’ data, the only two options where RSS feeds and a basic JSON plugin. The main problem with these two is that they only gave you access to most recent posts and a list of categories. We needed more than this.

When you install this WordPressJSON plugin, you’ll get an Admin Panel in the WordPress dashboard, in which you can define options such as categories to exclude from the feeds. Additionally, each post can contain custom fields that will be used to further filtering of data.

The plugin will create its own database views in the WordPress’ MySQL Server, so data processed by the plugin is filtered and grouped in ways you cannot get from your plain vanilla WordPress JSON plugin or RSS feeds.

I stopped maintaining this plugin in 2011, and in 2014 I released it as Open Source, in the hopes that it is useful to someone and we all can keep it alive.