Titanium Modules, Alloy Widgets and Titanium-related

Here’s a list of the most important Open Source Titanium Modules I’ve written.


Alloy Widget that mimics the look-and-fell and functionality of the Android ActionBar. I built this in 2013 but will become obsolete in Titanium SDK 3.3.0.GA when it’ll officially support the ActionBar Compat Library.


I built this Alloy Widget back in December 2012 as part of a presentation for the Silicon Valley Titanium User Group, in which I recreated Facebook’s UI using an early BETA version of Alloy.  To my understanding, this was the very first Alloy implementation of this functionality.


Titanium native module for Android written in Java to expose the ActionBar subtitle and to force displaying of the ActionBar menu overflow on devices with hardware menu button.  Titanium now officially supports the ActionBar sub-title.  Other features include adding custom fonts and background color to the ActionBar.


CommonJS module to register iOS, Android and Blackberry devices for Push Notifications using Appcelerator Cloud Services.

ACS PHP Push Notifications

This Web Service is written in PHP and allows you to send ACS Push Notifications by simply performing an HTTP Request against it.


I wrote this CommonJS module after realizing that some people didn’t use the platform-provided SQLite Database simply because they don’t really know the SQL Syntax.  It turns out that younger generations grew up working with document-based databases and relational databases are a foreign concept to them.  With this module I try to make SQLite operations feel more like JavaScript objects.


I wrote the base of this module, a proof-of-concept if you will, and it later was picked up by SendGrid, expanded and became SendGrid’s official module for Titanium.


CommonJS wrapper class for using the Android ActionBar from Titanium


Evolved after writing Lilacs. Same concept, but cleaner code as it does not rely on either ACS or Node.ACS. Has a built-in module system so any data set can be used.


Titanium native module for Android written in Java to expose Android’s native playlists and their content. I wrote this module to be used on ShowCues.