During my time working for Tecnología Libre, I had realized how huge the WordPress community had become. All of my own websites were built on top of WordPress, and prominent content outlets were trusting their websites to this open source content management system.

Having worked at some point of my career at a newspaper, and having started working with cross-platform native mobile apps, the idea of TainoApp was to use WordPress as a CMS for content published on native mobile apps.

The result of this project was two things: On one end it was a content syndication platform that could take web-content from disparate systems, normalize it and expose it as REST endpoints. On the other end, we built a template-based framework to create native cross-platform apps for that content. Our apps were available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Meego, with other platforms in the pipeline.

Users of TainoApp simply needed to install a WordPress plugin (although work was being done for non-Wordpress sites), and native apps could be ready for publishing literally within the next couple days. The vision however was to have a web-based dashboard from where the client could configure the aspects of the templating engine and invoke the cloud-based generation of the binary apps.

We were able to license our technology to several clients, one of them being Samsung Latin America. The project ran for 1 1/2 years until we decided it to let it go and focus on other things.

There’s a lot of cool pictures of the TainoApp days on the Facebook Page.