When I moved to Silicon Valley in 2012, I had a couple flexible months before starting to work full-time for Appcelerator, so I started attending multiple meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area. During all of these events, people asked me for a business card, but at the time I was actually representing myself, and I didn’t have business cards for that.

I used this scenario as an excuse to learn something new, so I decided to start building a “business card network”, that groups all your social networks in a single QR Code. I spent the next couple months building this system, while learning to work with Silex at the same time, and that became MyQRKode.


When you build your MyQRKode, you get two things:

Your MyQRKode page is responsive (thanks to Bootstrap), so if someone scans your QR Code with a mobile phone, they’ll see a neatly formatted page with all your information PLUS a link to download your VCard, which automatically adds you to their contacts.

Visit now and create your own virtual business card.