The INstituto de TEcnologías LIbres del CAribe was a project I started as the the educational leg of Tecnología Libre. Through INTELICA, we created alliances with Samsung Latin America and Nokia, amongst other, to provide technical trainings to software developers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

INTELICA’s longest running course was named Movilízate hacia la programación multiplataformas and included web-based software development using PHP and MySQL for system back-ends, and Appcelerator Titanium for mobile front-ends. I personally offered this 40-hour course, every Saturday from October, 2010 thru March, 2012.

Being a project of Tecnología Libre, there were philosophical challenges regarding the tools to use. In order to stay true to our vision, we created our own Linux distribution which ran straight from a USB Drive. Students were given this USB Drive at the beginning of the course, they’ll boot up their computers with it, and it contained all the software needed to write web applications in PHP and mobile front-ends using Titanium. This USB Drive was for them to keep, so they had a truly mobile development environment to be used after the course, on any computer, with no software installation or licensing required.

As of 2014, there hasn’t been any other organization in the Caribbean with a serious effort in teaching native cross-platform mobile development.