A Titanium book for beginners!

I'm happy to announce that for the past couple months I've been working with Manning, writing a Titanium book for absolute beginners. There are many (really, more than a handful) books on Titanium currently available, but whilst they are good, in my opinion, I think they make a terrible assumption.  You see, there's a fundamental difference between being a mobile developer and being a cross-platform mobile developer.  In order to really understand the power of Titani [...]

TaffyDB with Titanium

TaffyDB is a pure-javascript library that allows you to use a JSON string as a database I'm currently working on a project where I need to have multiple user-defined playlists.  I gave some thoughts on an easy-to-use storage system, and after playing with storing JSON strings as Titanium Properties, decided to hack a bit on TaffyDB.  TaffyDB is a pure-javascript library written by Ian Smith (@biastoact), which allows you to use a JSON string as a database.  Two fellow Titani [...]