Android or iOS?

I'm obsessed with iOS and Android cross-platform development.  As the two dominant mobile operating systems, I love knowing them, understanding them and understand why users select one over the other.

Which is best?  Well, that's not for me to say.  I admit that I am an Android user and although I own an iPhone, I don't see myself using it on a daily basis.  Once you get used to one, it's dificult to go to the other; and that's by design.  Think about it, if they both were the same, then how can they establish differientiators?

Today I came across a post that has been very popular this week.  The title is "Android is better".  Catchy title right?  Paul Stamatiou, a designer at Twitter (@stammy) shares his opinion of why Android is better.

He thoroughly examines most of the differences between iOS and Android, and I have to say that I agree with his point of view.  Extra points for being a desinger and selecting Andorid as your operating system of choice.

Update: Paul Stamatiou mentions Marco Arment on his blog posts; Marco wrote back with his own opinion on this topic, which is in a way, more in line with my own views.

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