A Titanium book for beginners!

I'm happy to announce that for the past couple months I've been working with Manning, writing a Titanium book for absolute beginners.

There are many (really, more than a handful) books on Titanium currently available, but whilst they are good, in my opinion, I think they make a terrible assumption.  You see, there's a fundamental difference between being a mobile developer and being a cross-platform mobile developer.  In order to really understand the power of Titanium, and take full advantage of it, you need to understand some important aspects of "cross-platform thinking".

In my book Titanium in Action, I try to set readers into the right mindset before actually getting into writing code.  Moreover, this book focuses on using Alloy to write cross-platform mobile apps, so expect to see a lot of examples of how your single code-base can be rendered differently on iOS and Android, and how to make UI/UX decisions for the benefit of your end user.

I'm very excited about this project.  Hope you enjoy it.  There's currently no set date for publishing, but Manning has a program called MEAP - Manning Early Access Program, through which not only you pre-order the book, but can start reading it while it is being written.  In the coming weeks, the first chapters will start to show up on their website, so if you're interested, make sure you check often until Titanium in Action shows up on their website.

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