I’ve been sitting down in front of a computer non-stop since 1996 - you read right…that’s 25 years of having bad posture, stiff neck and shoulders, and very bad pain in the lower back.

For the past 6 years I’ve been actively working to try and reverse the effects of sitting down, in a not so ergonomic position for such a long time.

NOTE: I’m not a physician and I haven’t shared this with any health professional, so keep that in mind when you decide to follow health advice from a computer scientist. Do this at your own risk.

I’ve identified a some exercises that worked for me:

For upper back and neck problems

  1. Sit Straight : I’m always slouching, and over time, that created for me a very weak neck. I wear a posture corrector a couple timer per day, and sometimes even overnight. My experience is that devices like this one ( will work for you over time. Don’t expect to feel better immediately. As you wear it, your shoulders will “learn” how to stay in the right place.

  2. Stretch your neck and shoulders : I found this 3-minute routine that works wonders, and it’s really easy to do. I do this routine multiple times per day, I suggest you do the same.

For lower back problems

  1. Stretch your hip flexors :

  2. Stretch your piriformis  muscle

Changing habits take time, more so if these habits are bad. Today I can happily say that I’m 100% pain free and have found the formula to keep my back in good shape.

Start little by little - you can do it!

Hope this works for you!