Motivation is one of the most important things you need to learn to hack.

When you're motivated, you're laser-focused.

With motivation, no one can stop you.

With motivation, there are no limits.

Here's how to hack your motivation:

1 . Identify your goal

  • find a job?
  • buy a car?
  • build a startup?
  • go on vacation?
  • lose weight?
  • getting your company funded?

2 . Now visualize yourself achieving this goal

Try really hard to see yourself living your life after achieving this goal

How is your life different?

Think about how it feels

Think about why that is important to you

Do you get goosebumps?

Does your heart skips a beat as you see yourself in that situation?

Great. Remember how that feels. That is your goal.

From now on, all you're doing is building what needs to be built to get there.

It's not easy - don't get me wrong.

What does it mean to "building what needs to be built?"

It means doing the work.

  • Moving to another country
  • Building a strong network
  • Building a stronger skill set

The goal you set for yourself needs to be aggressive, but at the same time achievable and measurable, and as you move forward, you'll be making adjustments to how you measure your own results. Sometimes you'll see yourself closer to the goal than others, and this means you're learning, you're growing and you can make a better time assessement.

You need to start by building a plan, a high-level plan.

Then do the work, measure, adjust, repeat.

And that IS the game, isn't it?

In life, you're constantly making decisions that affect your future.
If you're aware of the future you want for yourself, you'll make better decisions, because you'll know how this decision affects your ultimate goal.

This will be your new superpower.