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Alco : Independent Artist : You need to change your mindset

  • How do musicians find their audience?
  • How to leverage streaming platforms?
  • How to create a sustainable business?

The short answer to this is a single word: "Relationships".

We're living in a highly impersonal world, where we ask our questions to Siri and Alexa, streaming platforms lack fair compensation models and social algorithms make decisions regarding when content is shown to our followers.

As independent artists, we have a golden opportunity by being what algorithms can never be, and that is by being humans.

Try and look at this from your fans' perspective.

You're following an indie artist, lets call her JackieB. Her music inspires you and touches you deeply.

All of a sudden you receive an email from this artist that says:

Hey Alco,

It's JackieB, for real - no bots here.

You've been a fan for some time and I really appreciate.

Since you know my music, I wanted to ask you a question.  Could you checkout a track I'm working
 on?  It's a little bit different to what I usually publish, so before I release it I would like 
 to get feedback from the people I trust.

It's really easy.  I've put the mp3 on my Dropbox.  Once you've given it a listen, please 
go to this Google form and answer a couple questions.

I really appreciate your time and feedback.  

As a thank you, I'll put your name in the song's credits and will send you the 
final High-quality Audio file for you to keep!.

All the best,


How would you feel if an artist you follow and admire, suddenly asks you for your personal feedback?

As human beings, we like to belong. This artist has just "promoted" me, and I'm no longer a random audience member - I'm now part of their creative team!

This is just an example of things you can do to build personal relationships with your followers.

But to do this effectively you need to get into a mindset where you understand that every little thing you do with your music must contribute to your overall growth in a way you can measure it.

Want to learn more about this? I'd like to invite you to my Online Interactive Lecture

Growth Mindset for Musicians Webinar

📅 June 23, 2021


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Join fellow independent artists and learn how you can start building and growing your audience today!

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